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How it feels to be a baker

Updated: Sep 16, 2019


Baking for me is not just an activity or a formality, it’s a passion. For me it’s about the fun of the mix, the aroma in the house, or even the wait for the oven to finish up a batch of cookies. When I am baking, I am at peace with myself. I leave all the earthly worries behind, and only care about the batter going in the oven. Some of you might not understand what I am all about, but those of you who have a passion, or have followed your heart will be able to relate on my love for baking.

I have been on an experimentation ladder, trying out new things one after the other. I consider Baking as an art. It’s the amazing mixture of delicacies, flavours & aromas. It’s an experiment that may or may not work, flavours that may or may not go together. It’s about getting your hands dirty, to create something new, something different. It’s about leaving the conventional methods of baking behind and focusing on that new. I think this, the sensation, the warm feeling of innovating, of discovering, makes baking so much extra special for me. My perfect Sunday involves whipping a cake together, good or bad, and then sharing it around with my family, friends, and colleagues.

I won’t say I have spent too much time into this field. But we all know time and experience are not necessarily the same thing. I’ve grown in my own time and space and have become comfortable with the various recipes, and their match mixing. I don’t follow the book recipes; I always add a twist, something different. And this has given me the opportunity to develop my own taste and create my own unique flavour.

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