Banoffee Pie Recipe

If you have a sweet tooth then you are gonna love this dessert. Crushed digestive biscuits with melted butter make a beautiful base. Dulce de leche sauce made using condensed milk adds the toffee flavour and topped with bananas which complements the sauce perfectly. Last but not least some whipped cream with chocolate shaving lightens up the whole desert.

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What is Banoffee Pie?

Banoffee pie... What's this? This was my reaction when I first heard this term. So I assume many of us don't know about it. It's a popular English dessert which combines two best flavours in this world which are banana and toffee. There are times when we are done with cakes and cupcakes and we desire for a dessert which is silky smooth and best in this world. At that time this desert will play its own role and will definitely satisfy your cravings.

This desert has a combination of multiple textures like biscuit base, silky smooth dulce de leche sauce, bananas and whipped cream. I normally have good self-control for dessert but not for this one.

Banoffee Pie Recipe

What is Dulce de Leche?

Dulce de leche is similar to caramel but its sweeter and creamier than caramel. There are multiple ways of preparing it like slowly heating sugar and milk until the mix caramelizes and darkens the colour and flavour. This is the classic method. Another way is a shortcut in which we cook condensed milk until it caramelizes. Both are delicious!! With your own homemade version, you can definitely control the consistency but if we use condensed milk it reduces the time and effort. Also every time your taste will remain the same. It won't alter depending upon your cooking method.

How to make Dulce de Leche?

Well as we discussed I am going with the shortcut method today. There are 2 ways to cook condensed milk. The first method is you take a large saucepan, fill it with water. Let the water boil first and then dip the condensed milk can into it. It should be fully covered with water. Then reduce the gas on low and let it cook for 2.5 hours. Making sure you add water to the pan in every 20-30 min. After 2.5 hours take the can out of the pan and let it come to room temp first then open it to fill the pie. The second method is we cook the condensed milk in a cooker. In a pressure cooker add 3-4 glasses of water. We will be cooking the can for 30 min so make sure water is up to that mark. Dip the condensed milk can into it. Let the first whistle come and then reduce the flame for 20-25 min. After 30 min let the cooker pressure reduce on its own. Take the can out of it and let it come to room temp before filling the pie.

Banoffee Pie Recipe

How to Whip cream?

I am using Rich's whipping cream. You can find it online or go to a nearby cake supply store. Before whipping the cream make sure it's cold. That way your cream whips better and stabilizes better. This brand cream is already sweetened so no need to add extra sugar. But if you are using some other brand's cream and it doesn't have sugar then make sure to add 2-3 tbsp of icing sugar while whipping. You can whip the cream using your stand mixer or even hand mixer. It will take 4-5 min to stabilise the cream.

Banoffee Pie Recipe


For Biscuit base:

  1. 150 g digestive biscuits

  2. 5 tbsp (70 g) melted butter

For Dulce de Leche:

  1. 1 can condensed milk (I will be using 300g only)

For Pie:

  1. 2 medium-size bananas

  2. 100 g whipping cream

  3. Some chocolate shaving


  1. Crush your digestive biscuits either in a food processor, mixer or crush them in a zipped top bag with a rolling pin. Add melted butter. You should have a sand-like texture here. Spread the mixture in your pie dish and spread evenly using your hands or a small bowl to press. Keep this in the refrigerator for 15 min.

  2. Meanwhile, prepare your bananas and whipping cream.

  3. After 15 min, arrange banana slices in layer and on top of that spread dulce de leche, then spread whipped cream on top.

  4. To garnish spread some cocoa powder and chocolate shavings.

  5. Refrigerate the pie uncovered for at least 2 hours. Or eat it directly, your choice.

Banoffee Pie Recipe

Happy baking!!!!!!!!


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